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Washington, DC Registry
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Simmie's official portraits of President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham
Clinton were unveiled in the East Room of the White House on June 14, 2004.

President William Jefferson Clinton First Lady Hillardy Rodham Clinton

Wayne Keith Curry, Prince George's County Executive Frederick Douglass, Abolitionist Ron A. Williams Alexis Herman, Chair, U.S. Department of Labor

The Honorable Hugo L. Black The Honorable Gregory M. Sleet, Chief Justice The Honorable Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General The Honorable Deval Patrick, 71st Governor of Massachusetts

The Honorable Douglass Ginsburg, U.S. Court of Appeals The Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chief Justice, Maryland Supreme Court The Honorable Conrad Mallett, Chief Justice, Michigan State  Supreme Court The Honorable James R. Spencer, U.S. District Court of Virginia The Honorable Solomon Baylor, District Court of Baltimore, Maryland

The Honorable Mario Cuomo Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation 2009 - 2013Hon. Andre M. Davis, Circuit Judge Dr. Robert F. Thompson, Professor Congressman Charles B. Rangel

Justice Randy Holland, Delaware State Supreme Court Justice Jack Jacobs, Delaware State Supreme Court  Delaware State Supreme Court Justice Henry DuPont Ridgely, Delaware State Supreme Court

Justice Carolyn Berger, Delaware State Supreme Court Congressman John Conyers Don Siegelman, Governor of Alabama Dr. Nathan Carter, Choir Director, Morgan State University Damon Bradley, Director, Landon School

Senator Clarence W. Blount John Wilson, Former DC Councilman Norman Minetta, Former Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater, Former Secretary Of Transportation Xernona Clayton, Creator and Executive Producer of the Trumpet Awards

Honorable Judith Rogers Justice Thurgood Marshall Honorable Consuelo Marshall, Retired Honorable Joseph W. Hatchett Dr. John Hope Franklin

Senator Blanche Kelso Bruce Bishop Quintin Primo Honorable Damon Keith Honorable Nathaniel Jones Dr. Dorothy Height, National Council of Negro Women

Mrs. Carol Reid Wallace, President, Fisk University Colonel Rosemary McCarthy Honorable Theodore Newman Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lt. Commander Wesley Anthony Brown

Honorable Harry Thomas Edwards Honorable Spottswood Robinson Honorable Alvin I. Krenzler Mayor David Dinkins H. Patrick Swygert, President, Howard University